How To: Play doubles in raquetball

Play doubles in raquetball

You need four persons to play doubles. One person shall be on the forehand side while the other person shall be on the backhand side. Same thing for applies for the opposite team. You need to be in your side of the court. Either you should be on the right or the left side of your court. However you have the option to move or switch sides at any time. When you are doing the service then your partner must stand in the service box with his back towards the back wall. The opposite team must stand with their back towards the back wall. The teams take turns to hit the ball. Like if you hit the ball first, then anybody from the other team has to hit it, and then anyone from your team can hit it. Doubles is dangerous so if someone is in front of you do not swing. Wait and call 'surrender' and you replay the point. So whoever is serving serves again. If you are serving and you loose the rally then your partner gets the opportunity to serve. Each team gets two chances of serving opportunity. Once both of your team members loose points on your serve then the opposite team gets the opportunity to serve.

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