How To: Hit a backhand in racquetball

Hit a backhand in racquetball

In this how-to video, you will learn how to hit a backhand in racquetball. You will need a racquetball racket, a ball and a place to play. You want to be parallel to the sidewall. Turn your body to face the sidewall if you are about to hit the ball. You want a nice, wide stance, but not too wide or you will lose your balance. Use a backhand grip, which differs from a forehand grip. The v of your hand will be more on the face of the grip. Place the racket up, but not too close to the head. Your stance should be similar to a baseball batting stance. As you start to make contact, make sure the ball is beneath you. You should make contact with the ball around where your front foot is. Drop and rotate your back leg as you make the swing, making a 90 degree angle. From that, you will be able to come into defensive position. By viewing this video, you will learn how to make a proper backhand hit in racquetball, which will improve your game immensely.

Hit a backhand in racquetball

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